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KTV the Korean Channel

KTV1, channel 300 provides programmes from KBS WORLD as well as locally-produced ones.

KBS WORLD, the worldwide satellite arm of the state-owned KBS, provides real-time news and selected sport, drama, current events, culture and entertainment shows targetting some 6 million Korean nationals and expatriates abroad.

Beginning in March 2006, the second Korean channel (301) airs programmes from MBC and other major television networks in Korea, further diversifying the content.

MBC has been the most popular and credible channel in Korea since it was established in 1961 and earned fame and recognition worldwide, with the prizes in a number of international TV festivals. MBC dramas have been the premier catalyst in spreading “Korean Wave” throughout the world. MBC documentaries are filled with innovative views and adventurous spirit and have tried new materials and techniques. MBC news and sport programmes also have been the eyes and ears of Korean for the last four decades.

KTV has become the media hub of the Korean community in New Zealand with its locally-produced shows including community news, events, and interviews. The 24-hour, nationwide coverage means a competitive edge over any other media in the Korean community of New Zealand.

KTV1 (ch 300) Weekly Timetable (PDF, Korean)
KTV2 (ch 301) Weekly Timetable (PDF, Korean)
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